About Me

My name is Caity MacNeill. I am a graduate from Hofstra University with a BFA in Theatre Performance. I grew up in Bucks County, PA where I learned about and loved theater (Bucks County Playhouse) from a young age. My knowledge about theater and what it means to be an actor is always growing and expanding.

When I'm not talking about theater, I'm normally binge watching a show on Netflix and knitting. I call it productive research. The goal is not to become famous or become rich, but rather to impact people the way that theater has impacted me.

The reason I love to perform is because it lets me not only help myself escape from the mundane and sometimes dreary world, but to help the people watching experience that same thing.

My Strengths

My greatest strengths are my willingness to try new things as well as my work ethic. I strive to give my best performance every show. I am attentive to deadlines, come prepared to rehearsals, open to critiques and supportive of my fellow actors and production staff. I bring a determined energy and commitment that I share with everyone around me.

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